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IMDB Rating: 7.7/10 from 693 votes
Release: 1949 /

Rabbit Hood

Genre: Animation | Family | Short
Director: Chuck Jones
Stars: Mel Blanc, Errol Flynn
Synopsis: While unwittingly trespassing in the royal gardens in search of carrots, Bugs runs afoul of the Sheriff of Nottingham, who tries to apprehend him for poaching. The royal grounds are, in fact, amply posted with "No Poaching" signs (one reads "Not even an egg"), but Bugs either didn't see or ignored them. Of course, Bugs sets out to endlessly turn the tables on the hapless sheriff, at one point talking him into building a six-room Tudor home in the middle of the King's gardens. The dueling pair are periodically interrupted by a fat, dopey Little John who proclaims, each time he appears, "Don't you worry never fear, Robin Hood will soon be here". In the end, the merriest of merry men does appear and it''s...oh, see it yourself. Bugs goes in disguise as the King, who then knights the Sheriff ("Arise, Sir Loin of Beef...").

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